Rafting Adventure

Rafting Adventure


Citarik River (Grade 3)

River, Track (±) & Duration (±)
Citarik – Sukabumi 5 Km 1 hour
Citarik – Sukabumi 9 Km 2 hours
Citarik – Sukabumi 12 Km 3 hours
The Citarik River is located in Cikidang village. It was about 137 kilometers from Jakarta. The road direction is from Jakarta to Sukabumi. If we start from Jakarta, Cikidang village is reached after we pass Parungkuda district and before Cibadak district. The place is very cool as it is located in the hilly area.
The Citarik River’s depth is about 50 cm to 100 cm. The current is mild to strong. It makes Citarik River is a good place for Class III rafting.

The river is quite popular among rapids fans. Condition of the water was clear and relatively stable throughout the year. Trajectories are cool enough to be forded along the 17 km. Start can be started from the village Telu Parakan Cigelong or from Pajagan, Cigelong Village. Being finished in the village Citangkolo, or in the village Cikidang Cikadu, Harbor Queen. Total raft duration about 4 hours. But in general, rafting begins and ends in the village Pajagan Cikadu.

Exploring nature from the river is an exhilarating experience. You cannot beat the awesome feeling of soaring down on a raging river. We have selected packages for every type of River Rafting enthusiast. Start planning your River Rafting Adventure Today!


River, Track (±) & Duration (±)
Cicatih – Sukabumi 4 Km 1 hour
Cicatih – Sukabumi 9 Km 2 hours
Cicatih – Sukabumi 13 Km 3 hours
Cicatih – Sukabumi 22 Km 5 hours
Rafting in Citatih river Sukabumi Jawa Barat during weekend is interesting & thrilling outdoor activities,
especially during rainy season, the water level was high enough. It is exactly brown instead of white as deforestation in upstream was taking place, especially during a torrential rain. Citatih is adventurous river as grade level reach as high as 3 and 3+, even said it is 4.

The unique of Citatih River is relatively continuous rapid; leaving the first rapid come to the other, so you have a good reason to express your joy and stress relieve, shout it loudly. In this river there is a nick name of each rapid such as Dragon that it waves is seamless, Mixer that is swirling and make your raft stuck-dancing, Ice Block with a narrow passage that ask you and the team to be prepare for a precise maneuvering otherwise the raft would jump onto the side wall of the river and cap side down. Gigi rapid is the big rapid that is real challenging like riding a wild horse. Don’t go panic if you totally wet or even jump unintentionally.

Citatih River (Class III – IV)

Located in the District. Sukabumi, river wide enough between 25 s / d 100 meters. The first is the entry point of Ubruk Hydroelectric Dam, being the entry point to two of the villages Bojongkerta. Being finished in a suspension bridge Leuwilalai. Long rafting around 3 hours if the starting point of the DAM Ubruk, if starting from Bojongkerta long rafting around 2 hours. Biggest rapids are rapids teeth with Class IV levels of difficulty.

Citatih river is the most popular grade 3+ rapids for whitewater rafting adventure in West Java. The Rain forest, birds, plenty of rice paddy fields, Sundanese culture, local people and great view surrounding river will give you complete adventure during the trip. Grade II – III+