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Geotrek Amazing Race Indonesia

GeoTrek Indonesia has done amazing race in Indonesia for many years. we have done small group, small company, in relatively small area. we have also done huge group from big and multinational company involving wide range of area. So, we are ready to handle your group or your company or your own amazing race event.

The Amazing Race is a team building activity adopted from reality television game show. In this program teams race around the certain area in competition with other teams. Contestants strive to arrive first at “Pit Stops” at the end of each leg of the race to win prizes. We do not have elimination in this program.

Amazing race would enhance team performance, develop competition spirit, understand more about internal corporate culture and local culture. Amazing Race with concern for community even help to set up more sustainable goal for your corporate social responsibility platform program.

The race and competition character of amazing race event can involve multiple activities such as:

  1. On foot activities (walking on the city street, bush walking, running, jungle trekking)
  2. Using vehicle or transportation (cycling, river trekking, )
  3. Doing challenge activities (Geo-trekking, charity, photo hunting, land navigation, scavenger hunt, photo hunting, treasure hunt).

Amazing race can maximize the usage of gadget from smart phone. We can use tools in smartphone such as GPS, compass, camera, OCR, and many other. Many features and application in smart phone can be used during amazing race.

We have done :

  1. Jelajah Bandung
  2. Explore Buitenzorg
  3. Lost in Lombok
  4. Lost in Borneo
  5. Java-Bali Overland
  6. Jakarta Charity Race
  7. Bali Cultural Race
  8. Bali Exotic Race
  9. Bali Run for Charity
  10. Bali Cycling Trip
  11. Bali Volkswagen Race
  12. Bali Off Road Fun Race
  13. Bali Charity Express

We are ready to be your partner

amazing race with cycling

amazing race with cycling

Amazing race with land rover

amazing race land rover

amazing race with atv

amazing race with atv